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We are proud to be the member of ODPi and strongly believe that it plays a vital role in simplifying & standardizing the Big Data Ecosystem. This evolution helps us in improving our client solutions by leveraging common Apache Hadoop runtime and operations along with reference implementations and test suites. Not only it accelerates the delivery of Big Data solutions but also reduces the cost and complexity.


Champion of BI & Data Science
at ODPi

  • Enhance the interoperability for the BI vendors on Hadoop
  • Initiate an Objective benchmark for assessing the efficacy of Hadoop BI Tools
  • Promote the practical guidelines on how to run Data Science Model on Hadoop

BI & Data Science Special Interest Group (SIG)

Right from the 1990s, the technology of Business Intelligence (BI) is evolving over the time and today, the BI tools are being used by several organizations. With the hope to gain more business value, companies are investing their time and money on Hadoop technology. Initiated from the concept of traditional RDBMS, Hadoop has similarities as well as dissimilarities. Considering both the technologies is important as existing BI vendors cannot ignore RDBMS to use Hadoop.

This SIG aims to bridge the gap that will make BI Tool works perfectly with Hadoop and RDBMS & provide better business insights to the BI users using Hadoop in the backend. From the perspective of BI vendor, this SIG should help in finding out the best way to connect and query Hadoop without reinventing the wheel. As from the perspective of BI user, it should provide an objective guideline to assess the effectiveness of the BI solution and other technologies like Apache Drill, Presto, Impala, Phoenix, etc. Also, the data science models can now run on Hadoop and are more cost effective than years ago, which is fostering the convergence of BI and Data Science disciplines like Machine Learning & AI. The SIG will be analyzing how this phenomenon will impact the Hadoop standard.


  • Standardize vendor guideline to ensure that they can put up a Data Science Notebook
  • Instructions on choosing what should be used and at what time
  • Comparison between the strengths and the weaknesses
  • The tools we have developed so far for comparison are Jupyter & Zeppelin.

Join Our “Big Data In Action” Meetup Group

Sponsored by 4C Decision and other big brands like Cloudera and University of Maryland College Park, this meetup group is a common hub created by the Big Data professionals and enthusiasts that focus on making Big Data projects along with the real-time Big Data Applications. It is a platform where interested people can learn about managing projects and ask any queries related to Big Data. The speakers and organizers of the group including our Managing Partner Cupid Chan share their experiences and stories of Big Data projects they have worked on. Join the group if you are interested in getting a business perspective on the essentials of Big Data technology and its latest trends.

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The 4C Decision has been named as the newly joined members of ODPi that have collaborated to promote the Open Big Data Ecosystem and accelerate the delivery of data-driven applications. In the Press Release published on 26th April 2016, 4C Decision has been stated as a full stack data, analytics, and technology service provider that help companies establish best practices to store, manage and analyze their data efficiently.

In the statement given by Managing Partner of 4C Decision, it says: “4C Decision strives to provide business value for our customers by applying the most cutting edge technologies for Big Data, allowing them to foresee their next business decisions. We see ODPi as a vital component of the Big Data ecosystem that will enable the future of business. We are excited to improve our client solutions by leveraging standardized ODPi components.”